Project Description

New! AAC Alida VB (CWRS)

  • Midge tolerant
  • Awned
  • May yield 108% of Carberry
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Very good sprouting resistance and consistent falling numbers
  • Moderately resistant to fusarium*

CDC Landmark VB  (CWRS)

  • Midge tolerant
  • Awned
  • May yield 114% of AC Carberry
  • One of the best packages of standability, fusarium resistance*, height and maturity in a midge tolerant wheat

AAC Brandon  (CWRS)

  • Awned
  • Yields 106% of AC Carberry
  • Same maturity but lower protein than AC Carberry
  • Short straw
  • Good rating for lodging resistance
  • Moderate or good resistance to fusarium head blight*


*An MR rating for Fusarium Head Blight helps but is not a solution.  Other practices including potential fungicide application are still recommended to reduce the risk of downgrading and yield loss due to Fusarium.