There are a few exciting new varieties on our and some customer’s farms to keep an eye on for the future!

AAC Brandon is a new short, high yielding CWRS wheat with moderate or good fusarium head blight resistance.

Synergy is a very high yielding 2 row malt barley variety which is under evaluation by the malting industry.

Camden is a short, very good standing and very high yielding oat variety with desirable milling characteristics.

CDC Limerick green peas combine high yield and standability with desirable quality characteristics.

Dupont Pioneer has a new Harvest Max protector trait canola variety that reduces shatter and pod drop risk at harvest time.

There are also a few promising new products to watch for.

Granular Jumpstart  is now available for more flexibility with canola and some other exciting opportunities, talk to Joe or Brent. . .

Dow has two new cereal herbicides; Pixxaro and Paradigm; which contain a new active for western Canada and look very promising.

Bayer’s new pulse fungicide Delaro will compete with Basf’s Headline and Priaxor, which is now registered for canola.

A new growth regulator is registered for wheat.  Manipulator promises shorter, stronger straw and increased yield.

Most of these varieties and products will see limited availability and use this year, so watch for our summer crop tour dates to learn more.  And please call with any questions!

Check out to

see a video montage of some of our

customers perspectives and canola harvest!